Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Neutrois Magazine Content Submissions

Everyone is welcome to participate and create something regardless of sex, gender, species or orientation, so long as it fits the theme.

▨▨▨▨The theme for the January issue is =Snowflakes and Icicles=.▨▨▨▨

▨ Photographs
▨ 'On the streets' photos of other avatars (must include avatar name, where taken and why you are submitting it)
▨ Jokes
▨ Style guides (How To's for fashion, avatars etc)
▨ Artwork (including comics, fanart, original, etc)
▨ Fanfiction & original fiction (Limit of 1500 words)
▨ Store or item reviews (Limit of 1000 words and 2 photographs)
▨ Event reports (Limit of 1000 words and 2 photographs)
▨ Personal stories of life in transition, being an alternate gender, coming out or other inspirational stories (RL or SL - Limit of 2000 words)
▨ Classified ads of all kinds (See below for rules.)
▨ Use your imagination!
▨ All ratings accepted

▨▨▨▨For Stores & Events▨▨▨▨
Please click here for advertising information.

▨ Have fun, use your imagination, be creative and NO HATE! Show Second Life your talents!
▨ All content must be in English, or include English translation.
▨ All photographs, graphics and artwork must be 1024x1024 for best resolution.
▨ You can submit up to 2 items in each category listed in the section above.
▨ Store & item reviews must be under 1000 words, no more than 2 photographs.
▨ Personal stories must be under 2000 words, limit of 2 photographs.
▨ Classifieds must be under 20 words, not including SLURL or URL.
▨ Fan fiction & original fiction must be 1500 words or less, not including title and author credits
▨ We will be counting words, we suggest you do too!
▨ We reserve the right to edit for grammar, punctuation and resize your photos to fit the layout. Writings that have few grammar and punctuation errors are greatly appreciated and may receive higher priority.

▨▨▨▨ For classified ads, be as descriptive as possible about what you want/need/etc and include SLURL if needed and contact information. Must be under 20 words (Not including SLURL), no photographs will be printed in the classifieds section. All types of classifieds are welcome, including personal ads, sims, events, shops and employment opportunities. ▨▨▨▨

▨▨▨▨ Escort & RP escorts ads will be accepted but ONLY in the classifieds section, this is whether you charge for your services or not. Photos will not be accepted. If your are submitting an ad for a club or sim that includes escort services, then the ad must be for the club or sim itself, not just the services. Advertising fees apply for these adverts outside the classified section. ▨▨▨▨

To submit content, copy and paste from the line below into a new NC. Drop the NC at the mailbox at the 􀀓NOP~ Events Mailbox.
(Example: NEUTROIS SUBMISSION Taki Kujisawa )

▨ Avatar name (No nicknames):

▨ Rezz date:

▨ Information about you? (Favorite hang out/color, how long you've been writing/doing photos/creating style guides/blogging, etc.)

▨ Type of content are you submitting? (classified ad, photograph, style guide, review, fiction, artwork, etc)

▨ Rating of content (Rated X, Mature, G, JPS [Just Plain Silly]):

▨ Title of content:

▨ Full perm copy of content for submission (attach NC or pic here - do this for classified ads also. All artwork and photos must be 1024x1024 for best resolution):

▨ Any notes/warnings on the content? (Clothes you are wearing, warnings for the writing or pic [such as violence, gore, etc]

▨ SLURL or URL (can be your sim or a URL to your other content on the web):

▨SLURLs will be printed as: Sim/###/###/### such as: "Antovic/120/163/87"


▨▨▨▨For Stores & Events▨▨▨▨
􀀐Neutrois Magazine Advertising Info

Thank You,
~Taki Kujisawa
NOP~ Events
Neutrois Magazine ❤

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