Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What is Neutrois Magazine?

Neutrois Magazine is a quarterly magazine for the alternate and non-binary gender communities of Second Life. We are a user content created magazine meant to unite, inspire and showcase the artists, photographers, creators, stores, clubs, sims, events, writers and all other members of our genderqueer Second Life community.

Each issue costs 2L and is built around a theme, with submissions from the community and magazine staff. We encourage the community to submit their content at the NOP~ Events Headquarters mailbox (LM above). The magazine can be found at the NOP~ Event's Headquarters or at supporting stores and sims when released.

The magazine is published in October, January, April, and July.

Everyone is welcome to participate and create something regardless of sex, gender, species or orientation, so long as it fits the theme.

▨▨▨▨The theme for the October issue is =Snowflakes and Icicles=.▨▨▨▨

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